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Originally Posted by pipelineaudio View Post
I'd like to compile a list of soundcards users have, and if theyre working, please fill this in

Aardvark Q10

Audigy LS running both the Creative & ASIO4ALL drivers

Behringer FCA202

CMedia 9738-intergrated i845G soundcard but works perfectly.

Creamware Powersampler

creative Audigy
Creative Audigy Platinum eX (has a funky breakout box) using Creative drivers (Reaper actually has made this card better than before allowing selection of more than one input at a time for recording)
Creative Live!5.1
Creative PCI 128
Creative SB Audigy2 (SB0240) with kX Project drivers,kX ASIO and ASIO4ALL
Soundblaster PCI512 with the Creative, ASIO4ALL, and the KX Project 3537 drivers
Creative X-Fi

Digidesign Digi 001
Digi Mbox

Echo Audiofire 8
Echo Audiofire 12
Echo Darla 20 running the Beta 6.11 drivers
Echo Indigo IO PCI
Echo Layla 24/96, ASIO driver 6.11 No problems so far.
Echo Mia MIDI

Edirol PCRA30
Edirol UA-20 with edirol drivers

Egosystems "ESI 1010 ESP"

emu 0404
E-MU 1212M with native drivers and ASIO4ALL
E-mu 1616

ESI Juli@
ESI Waveterminal 192M

Focusrite Saffire Pro 26io

Frontier Designs Dakota

Hercules 1612 FireWire

Line 6 Toneport UX 2 : Great for guitar players that record bass and vocals too. Goes fantastic with Reaper at 256 buffers - could go down to 128 but dont need to most of the time. Highly recommended

Lynx AES16

M-audio 1814
M-audio Audiophile 24/96 works excellent
M-Audio Delta 66 Omni Bundle PCI: (.51 drivers-the PT compatible ones)
M-Audio Delta 1010LT
M-Audio Duo (USB)
M-Audio FireWire 1814
M-Audio FireWire Solo
m-audio Mobile Pre
M-Audio OmniStudio USB
m-audio Ozonic
M-Audio ProjectMix I/O

Marian / Siena / Sek'd Marc8 Midi - some mobos

MOTU 828mkii
MOTU 896
MOTU Traveller

Novation SpeedIO

Presonus FireBOX
Presonus Firepod

RME Digi 96 Pro
RME Hammerfall 9636
RME HDSP9652: ASIO drivers. Working well, some typical RME issues but no showstoppers
RME Fireface 400
RME Fireface 800

Roland UA-100 : Older 16 bit card - still goes like a top but these days I only use it for its two midi ports.

Soundscape Mixtreme

staudio DSP2000

Tascam FW 1884
Tascam US-122

Terratec DMX6Fire
Terratec EWS 88MT
Tascam FW1082
TerraTec x24FW

Turtle Beach "Santa Cruz"

Yamaha DSPfactory ds2416
yamaha i88x
Yamaha SW1000XG


Added Yamaha SW1000XG


Thanks everyone!
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