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Originally Posted by morgon View Post
Fx overdone, needs eqing/mixing and is a bit noisy but im atm just deciding on notes.

Version 3
F*cking wild! Love it! Aahh! That solo certainly enriches the harmony/chords, made them flower... As you say, a tad much Fx, but the right, spacy one...

So: I translated the lyrics to swedish, bumped up the tempo to 64 bpm, practiced a bit, sounds a lot better now, I think.

Strange - I had a listen to the latest version the other day, played for neighbors and friends, felt good and proud about it... now, today, I feel different. Tried to listen, but no. Too unrehearsed. But what can you do? You simply must record songs to show around. I digress...

Two versions there is, then, speaking of languages. I'll soon put something up. Morgan, you're the hero.
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