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Default Loudness meters

I think that you cannot use the SLM-128 plugin with Reaper.

According to Steinberg, the SLM-128 works only with Cubase 6.5 and Nuendo 5 or higher. Lower versions of Cubase and Nuendo may work, but the licenses of the higher versions are required anyway.

As far as I know, SLM-128 does not work in any audio production software other than stated above, not even in Wavelab. Besides, SLM-128 is a 32-bit only plugin (no 64-bit version available), and it has never been tested fully. See the related Steinberg news message of May 23, 2012:

If you are looking for a free loudness meter, try Martin Zuther's K-Meter:

It may not look as polished as the SLM-128, but it works and is just as useful.

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