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Default OSC variable scope and OSCII-bot time scheduling explanation request

Having a real hard time with a single OSC script in OSCII-bot that is misbehaving causing flaky functionality of a Midi Control Surface.

On what basis does OSCII-bot schedule its @oscmsg, @midimsg and @timer code sections?

The problem is that key global variables needed to communicate/share data between @sections appear to be being updated & read asynchronously on different threads of execution. Unclear or undefined scheduling or re-entrancy of the @midimsg and @oscmsg sections is giving timing overlap related functionality bugs.

Assuming that every variable is truly global (except when explicitly declared as local) as stated here then how does the scheduling of the @sections work?

If a thread is part way through processing slowish code in @midimsg how and when does @oscmsg get called?, or is there a scheduler based on

a) all code is single threaded on a time slice that allows an @section to complete along with periodically running @timer
or perhaps
b) thread is interrupted and another thread executed as OSC data comes in to the network port's buffers

Given the functional but rudimentary OSCII-bot runtime and debug environment (a statement: but not a complaint!) it would be really useful to know this scheduling from "as documented behaviour" rather than spend a very long time experimenting and reverse engineering timing behaviours. The OSCII-bot source code suggests an answer somewhere in the mainProc function of midi2osc.cpp : but code reading has not yielded what is going on! Thanks

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