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Originally Posted by cerendir View Post
This is a big part of it, I think. It's been quite some time since MS released a really big turd of an OS. Vista, maybe? At least for a majority of users.

Sure, Win 8 had its problems but those were mostly UI-related I think. 8 was pretty much similar to 7 from a performance perspective.

And Windows 7 was, according to a lot of people, the most stable and well-performing Windows so far. It's like the wonder child of XP and Vista, yet with most of the modern features of 8 and 10.

No wonder people are asking why the hell they should upgrade to 10.
People were saying the same things with Vista - I mean, many people had problems with it, and those complaints were largely blown off. And it was the same when 98/ME came out. But it seems that the intensity of denial of problems for Windows 10 has increased exponentially over previous bad versions of Windows.

At this point, I'm questioning the future of Windows, as Microsoft seems to be becoming more pushy (with a corporate sort of smile) against what users feel is unacceptable. I guess we'll see what things look like in a few years, but the whole thing has turned me off of Microsoft.
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