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Kenny, I would like to say I love your videos. They are really valuable, each one of them.
Still, I have a request ;-)

Can you please make a video about how to setup Reamote, since I know a lot of Reaper users (including me) are struggling with this, and it's one of the best overlooked features of Reaper.
With every new release/ update of Reaper, the Reamote app has been updated as well, so it seems it's a important feature which is still worked on by Cockos at every release.
Still, there's no official tutorial/ video spend on this networking feature.

The existing video's circulating on YouTube are very very rare about this topic, maybe because most users find it too difficult to setup or maybe Reamote (especially for Mac) is still too beta-ish to spend a well explained video on this topic.

Please help us users explain the following:

1. Reamote setup from Mac OSX (as Master) to a second Mac (as slave).
2. Reamote setup from Mac OSX (as master) to a PC (as slave).

Maybe the other way around (from pc to pc) as well for all pc users.

I would be very thankful if you can spend the time to make a step by step video about the Reamote network feature.
It might take some amount of time to make Reamote work properly, but I am almost certain the whole community would be very thankful.

Thanks in advance, Kenny!

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