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That is excellent work Eugen.

I know little of EEL programming, barely know of jsfx syntax. Here is not a suggestion, just something you might consider if you like the idea--

It would probably need allocation of an array of temp memory for the envelope points, unless it is easy to poll previously written track automation events.

You could first scan backwards from the end of file to beginning of file to write/smooth the lookahead envelope, and then scan from the beginning to the end of file to further smooth in the forward direction.

If doing backward-forward smoothing in this fashion, I think maybe you could get away with instant attack, programmed release for each scan direction. If scanning backward instant-attack, 10 ms release or whatever, the release of the backward scan would actually be the lookahead attack of the final envelope after both the backward and forward passes have been completed.

And then the second scan, the forward instant attack, programmed release scan, would keep the "attacks" established by the backwards pass, and add the conventional release behavior.

Maybe you could keep the current attack and release user interface controls-- Merely that the user-entered value for attack would actually be used as the release value of the first backwards scan.
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