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Originally Posted by Pet View Post
@JoelTheSuperior: Thanks for the suggestion, I'll have a look at it!
[EDIT] Oh post #1000 in ReaMenus!
Hey, wow, well here's another thumbs up to the mod.
You know, (being an N++ user not new to dialogs & menus going over the res boundary -768p here), but for me though it's mainly a cosmetic thing - some like short skirts- others like long- but glad we have the choice!
And congrats on the 1000 posts!
Edit: Oh, flick back a page and use Pet's menuset. Sorry, missed that!
For anyone new:
Save the menu set file to your computer.
Inside REAPER, go to Options->Customize Menus/toolbars...
Click Export->Export ALL menus/toolbars to ReaperMenuSet... and save your default set.
Click Import. Open ReaMenus.ReaperMenuSet. (Don't worry if REAPER appears to freeze on older machines. Give it time, and your new menus will be imported properly!)
Just curious on the CTRL-D for delete selection in main window. There's nothing in the edit menu for that yet in the item menu under Clipboard we have CTRL-D=Duplicate. According to the shortcuts PDF CTRL-D is actually delete selection. Is that repairable?
Also was there anything to add for the most recent SWS (3/2017). The extensions menu item doesn't appear to be picked up at all. Thanks for your efforts and the mod!

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