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Some quick answers:
Originally Posted by Laurie Stearn View Post
According to the shortcuts PDF CTRL-D is actually delete selection. Is that repairable?
This document is from 2008(!) and I guess totally outdated (TL/DR). But in REAPER you can go to help => "Key bindings and mouse modifiers" or "Shift+F1". Or look in the actions window.
The actual shortcut CTRL+D is "Dublicate items".

Originally Posted by Laurie Stearn View Post
The extensions menu item doesn't appear to be picked up at all.
Mikestopcontinues, who "invented" and developed the ReaMenus, placed the SWS actions all over the menus to have them at more suitable places. The Extensions menu therefore is renamed and used for stored snapshots and settings.

[EDIT]: if you tick "Include default menu as submenu" in the Customize menus/toolbars window, you get the default menus at the bottom of the ReaMenus.
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