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5) Concerning the faders color, it can be done but only as additional layouts. And for each color, both a subfolder and a graphic file need to be created. I cannot do this with the present state of the project : it would take too much place, as, to be credible, at least 4 colors should be implemented, this for both the 'Normal' and 'Narrow' already existing layouts. And it's not really a REDD feature : your second link shows clearly that it's part of the EMI TG generation of mixers which followed the REDD one.
hopi's thoughts:

ummm ...even 'if' it is not totally kosher, having the four color sliders is a nice feature to help organize the mixer in a project... and though I know it takes some pixel work, sooner or later someone is gonna do a mod with them... soooooo it might as well be Cubic [the master] so it gets done really right [just my opinion]

then as to the increase in file size... IF indeed it kicks it over the stash limit, then we'd have to compress it as a multipart rar file and a user would have to dl both parts.... this has been done before for some huge files and it's not a terrible thing.
...should be fixed for the next build...
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