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I will gladly stay tuned.... and I think I did send you my mod with colors, or did I forget to do that???

anyway I do have one with a few colors and for the most part it works OK...
it could be better and I'd guess that if you do it, it will be better.

It IS a nice addition to the theme IMO

also, I think I mentioned this trick to reduce the file size:

1- in the png's folder, remove ANYTHING that is extra... as I recall there were some copies of png files that did not need to be there...
2- run everything that remains through pngauntlet ...even if this has been done before... let them all comress and overwrite again

3- save it as a xxxx.ReaperThemeZip again and then
use winrar to compress that file to a .rar file.... this really brings the size way down...
...should be fixed for the next build...
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