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Default v1.30 is in the stash...

Another update which, I think, was needed. So, in this one :

1) I imported from my AbbeyRoad theme the TCP and envelope managements, which has allowed me to get rid of the endless faders, especially in the envelope panels.

2) As suggested, and with the kind help of hopi who also worked on both :
- I changed the look of buttons when activated,
- I added five colors for the faders thumbs in the mixer as layouts.

3) Several added adjustments have also been done here and there : locked tracks appearance, lightened controls backgrounds, transport fader and buttons...

I would have also liked, as suggested, to set the 'Narrow' layouts in the mixer as default, but too much problems appear, mainly with the master track which doesn't have its own complete set of controls images. So, I gave up : if anyone has suggestions for this...

@users of previous versions : only the .ReaperThemeZip file should be updated.

Let me know what could be improved...
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