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Originally Posted by jonboper View Post
This is...astounding in its ambition. The ProChannel EQ doesn't even resemble the ReaEQ, does it?
These EQs are different. But for Bells things look promising. Current version does the conversion already, we work to improve the quality (so that the sound is the same, which is much more challenging then just make the same parameter values).

When in the history of DAWs have you been able to convert a complicated, full-blooded project from one format to another, preserving everything a user could reasonably hope? If it exists I've never come across it.
Yes, till someone has an example, that is the first complex DAW projects converter ever made
It may be not so important between each DAWs it does the conversion, but important is the fact such conversion is possible. Who knows, may be that precedent can motivate DAW producers to finally allow users to exchange not only WAVs/MIDI and sometime containers like OMF, but also FX chains, complete automations and other common information. At least they no longer can claim "such converters do not exist, that is impossible" when users asks for the feature.
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