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Originally Posted by JamesPeters View Post
If by that you're referring to "program files/REAPER/plugins" (it seems to be, since you refer to the ffmpeg.dll file)...

No, that folder is not meant for anything other than what is installed with Reaper. Do not put any files into that folder. Also that is not the dll you would be putting onto your hard drive. There are actually several dlls of ffmpeg which are required, and none of them are named that. (The default version 1 ffmpeg included in Reaper is named that but not later versions that you would be installing, and also you would be leaving that file alone anyway.)

Look through the manual for how to install a current version of ffmpeg. Currently, page 421/422.
I stand corrected.

I set up the ffmpeg-video for reaper on my own drive a long time ago and apparently my memory on how I did it has fogged up over time and played a trick on me.

I searched through the folders and saw the ffmpeg.dll and just assumed I had put it there myself (I did something similar with the "libmp3lame.dll", except now that I look, that file is placed in "Program Files (x86)\REAPER\UserPlugins". So maybe that's why I thought what I did about the ffmpeg.dll)

Sorry for the confusion and wrong advice.
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