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Agree with all above. If you would state what you kind of want to do - that helps with nailing a good distro. My first move would be load up a love boot OS and put Reaper on it. Cinnamon, Fedora, Modicia, Xfce they all work well just to test the waters. If you want the 'Lowest latency 'realtime' (live tracking) recording that would quickly narrow down your decisions, and the experts here can help you more than I. If you want plug and play you have many options I primarily do single tracking so do not need the (live band type) realtime kernel. I use Cinn as the daily driver and almost went with Fedora or Modicia, but any will work. I would also say if you can do just a bit of low level configuring - you can really customize Reaper linux really well.

Example for me - I wanted a large repository of alternative programs - To be able to just single track, run midi, have ease of access to other audio editors and use some soft synths or programs, also as stand alone sound makers. So I could use some Linux sound programs (Rave gen/Qsynth/Bristol etc.) independently or interdependently of Reaper. And since the lowest latency is not a priority with me I could use a slightly 'heavier' distro. (I can use low latency recording on my dinky standby pc if I need/want it) But my daily driver it is still pretty fast. I also wanted the ability to run a second PC that runs like Win and stuff and be able to use the one off program if needed and to grab audio files from that as a small WIN NAS or Mac server - so I wanted a distro with a simple Server (Samba) or sumtin like it to have that ability/possibility . That is more important to me. I wanted to have a recording system that had distinct modules (separate components) where I could fire just one up or all of them. Try a live boot flash drive or cd. gl
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