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Thanks Justin,

I really appreciate that!
But what do you think about the IDE idea I wrenched out (under hard pain btw ) out of my old, weak, punished brain (bruuharrharr!), that in a somewhat equal style might be of advantage for WALTER themers as well?

As I stated already, my goal is to make it not only easier for us, but also for you, not having to deal with all this all the time. And i'm convinced that, if you look into localized versions from time to time, you'd be happy to see what these dedicated people achieve, even if you don't understand the language.

German Language Pack for REAPER? Get it here! ... Donate? Yeah!! | Are you nuts? | Maybe
Deutsche Sprachdatei für REAPER? Hier zu haben! ... Spenden? Klar! | Spinnst wohl!? | Vielleicht

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