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Originally Posted by tack View Post
Does Kontakt work under wine?

What about iLok-based plugins? (Seems a bit of a reach, that one.)
Wrong thread. See this thread, and it seems that post is a good place to start. The short answer is "yes but you'll have to make it work". If you're expecting this to be as simple as installing software in Windows, you're in for headaches. But if you're patient you'll probably be able to make it work.

To anyone who hasn't used Linux before: it's been said many times but it bears repeating: Linux isn't Windows. You get used to having your hand held in Windows. With Linux, sometimes you're on your own (or at least you're relying on knowledge from people on forums) and you'll have to be troubleshooting something you've previously taken for granted. That troubleshooting goes over the heads of most people who have been using Windows all their lives. You have to be more of a nerd. So if you're not a nerd...either decide to become one, or maybe go back to Windows.

I'd say to people it's best if you are considering using Linux "as is" without Windows plugins. If you can, life is easier.

Among the Linux VST plugins that exist (not a lot, but there are some very good ones), Reaper's own included Reaplugs, and the JS plugins from so many authors (which will work in Reaper on any OS), there's enough that it shouldn't stop you from making a great mix. But if you want very specific plugins that are Windows (or Mac)'s going to be a struggle.

Originally Posted by Glennbo View Post
I'm of the opinion that because of REAPER for Linux, the potential for more commercial plugins for Linux has been greatly enhanced.

Might not happen overnight, but I believe that Linux is now a contender to Windows and Mac for DAW use since REAPER went native.

... All the audio plugins I use are 100% native Linux,
Me too.
Using REAPER for Linux

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