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Originally Posted by Lokasenna View Post
The problem then, as now, is that a forum is a terrible place to do something like this.

1. Nobody wants to read through a whole thread to see what people have asked for.
2. Nobody knows if another developer has already exchanged PMs or started work on a project.

Something like Github, on the other hand, would work great aside from those requesting a script having to sign up to post on it:

- There could be a repo that exists solely for this purpose (i.e. no code in it).
- Each request could be an Issue with the offered price in the title. Labels could also be used to easily flag what sort of work it is (audio processing, communicating with MIDI hardware, etc) since not everyone is good at everything.
- If someone decides to take on a project, they could assign themselves to it.
ReaPack based repo, I would participate that.
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