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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
(but supposedly a huge task for the devs).
The devs haven't said a single thing about this. It's only people such as myself saying "don't expect it to happen". You know why: then the devs would be perpetually responsible for making all Windows plugins work in Reaper for Linux, maintaining that compatibility through changes in plugin programming, changes in Reaper, and changes in operating systems (Linux distros mostly). That's an additional layer of potential complexity. Plus there are already third-party solutions for this which are free, which perform about as well as can be expected.

These are plugins from a different operating system. Does any DAW you know of bridge plugins from a different operating system? You'd be expecting Reaper to be the first to do this.

Also you figure if someone is willing to use Linux, maybe they should also be willing to do some of the work making their system be capable of doing something like this.

If the devs choose to do this, that's great. I just don't see it happening. As a programmer yourself, you should also understand this.
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