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Originally Posted by JamesPeters View Post
I doubt the additional Linux user base of Reaper is a significant financial incentive for adding a feature of this scope, since Linux users are a tiny portion of the market.
There is "financial incentive" at Cockos . . . Since when?

As it is, I notice a lot of Linux DAW users are ignoring Reaper completely when it's brought up as an option, presumably since it isn't free/open-source software (despite its very reasonable license fee); I guess another reason might be that Reaper currently doesn't support LV2.
I cared more about LV2 support a while back than I do now. I've purchased numerous native Linux VST plugins that are getting all my audio plugin tasks accomplished, but Linux still needs better VSTi support for instruments that are NOT another freekin' synth that I don't need or want.

I think Reaper for Linux's continuing "beta" status is more a case of "they haven't gotten around to changing the status on the site so it's not beta anymore".
Yeah, REAPER for Linux sure doesn't feel like an experiment to me.

Here's a thought. Can't you run REAPER FX remotely over a network? Just put all your Windows plugins on a dedicated Windows REAPER FX server and access them over the LAN from your REAPER for Linux box. Hardly get your hands dirty with the nuts and bolts of Linux if that would work.
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