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Originally Posted by Glennbo View Post
I used to go to Amiga enthusiasts groups where they would daisy chain 15 floppy drives up and format disks and copy files en mass for everybody.
That's some "OG" nerd stuff right there.

I just read about the Amiga series. Since I couldn't afford a PC at the time, I was out of the loop. It must've been weird seeing Windows PCs take over, if you were using an Amiga.

Originally Posted by Glennbo View Post
Now that I am running Linux, it feels like a continuation of the experience I had when I was on my Amiga and my friends were all running Windows 3.1.
Lol well I did notice a roughly 30%+ improvement in CPU use when switching from Windows 7 to Linux, so in that regard I can relate. And that was a carefully managed Windows 7 with whatever changes necessary to facilitate the DAW. Of course if I'd have switched to Kubuntu as my first distro I wouldn't have noticed as big an improvement. I'm glad I tried MX Linux first with Xfce and also apparently a low latency kernel by default (from what I gathered later). I'd have been willing to accept worse performance in Linux than Windows, but it was the opposite by a large margin.
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