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Originally Posted by vsgrt View Post
I don't think you are parsing my post correctly - the theme is the mirror, what is being reflected is not the mirror.
I totally understood where you were tipping the hat, but you made it in a specific 'theme' topic, so instead of taking the discussion elsewhere i directly responded to the diva moment you were having in regards to the theme.

Thread ain't all about you, i'm afraid.

It is quite funny being told that choices about tools will always be meaningless because of The Beatles and Creativity however.
I think you're not parsing my post correctly.

I was reminding you that focus should primarily be on the music, as i said previously we can easily get caught up in technicalities and non-audio/muso matters so it's a good exercise to consider when feeling frustrated as you are - Take the advice or throw it back in my face, just trying to help.

From now on, any discussion in DAW forums should be shot down immediately by reminding people that great music was being made in the fifties.
Just stop being a cry baby and taking things so personally would be a better step forwards for you, perhaps? I said in my original reply to you that i was talking 'generally' not at you personally.
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