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Originally Posted by _Stevie_ View Post
And I completely disagree here. You canít compare a car with a UI. A UI is something Iíll be looking at the whole day. It needs to be easy on the eyes and make elements distinguishable. Most of the ďuglinessĒ here comes from mixing together a lot of different styles. Thereís no visual coherence. And thatís exactly the problem.
I don't see why I can't make the analogy. I spend literally 4 hours every single day in my car to commute and have done so for over a decade, I should have some level of comfort AND functionality in whatever I drive. You as another commuter might not appreciate me driving along side you....get it? That's why this is so funny and I can say that in both the driving analogy and in this situation, my vantage point is similar. In both cases, I may not like the way it looks but I love the way it performs.

Besides, I never said I liked this theme...I am pretty sure that none of my posts ever defended this theme.
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