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Originally Posted by karbomusic View Post
I had a number of issues migrating from V5 to V6, both theme and toolbars etc. where I had to copy sections of config files over manually to get me close to what I had. Importing config, even piecemeal broke the interface in various ways - so in my case there was no "just load the old theme/config and all is well" - It came down to fixing A breaks B and fixing B breaks C and so on...

The only reason I've not mentioned much about it here is that it takes a lot of time to investigate, copy, hack down multiple paths in order to make sure I have all the details down and proper and didn't make a mistake, but that is where I left off before having to get on with other priorities. The annoyance is that if I didn't make a mistake, I shouldn't have to deal with this since theming/UI/hacking isn't something I generally have time for.

Until then, I have to stay on V5 (I do suspect lowellben is hitting at least some stuff similar to what I am). That said it would be wonderful if I could export part of the config, import and switch themes between V5 and V6 but that has not occurred for me thus far.
Oof, that's rough.

I count myself lucky that I haven't run into any problems like that yet.
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