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Originally Posted by myfreedom View Post
I don't like dark themes such as new default v6. The grid is barely visible in arrange area and MIDI editor. Track and item colors are extremly bright and colored track names are unreadable. One thing I like is the new mixer design. I'm back on Default v5 theme, this new one v6 looks like a cool skin for a progam from 2000s

I'm not much of a dark theme guy myself, but I do like certain aspects of this one. But see, lookin at the colored TCP there, especially the green ones - to me that's just nuts, how are you supposed to tell that the FX are enabled (of course I'm exaggerating here, but compare that to the mixer).

In the MCP, pretty much all of the buttons are in the black area, but in the TCP only the M S and polarity. I don't care for this disparity and think the TCP should more closely mirror the MCP. As far as contrast, I know a lot of DAWs do this today, but I really hate the Reaper's obsession with gray on primer gray - in those areas, the contrast is horrible.

No question, while it has it pluses, this theme is just not cohesive - and it doesn't seem like there is a desire implement a redesign with some real cohesion. It feels like some big opportunities were missed here.
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