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Originally Posted by Joe90 View Post
Turn off saving relative pathnames in preferences.

Use as take FX.

Save your edits often just in case, but use 'render items to new take', don't use glue (see my post above), even if you don't have the issue I had with glue not working properly, you will definitely still lose your edits if you glue then undo (I don't think this is a Reaper issue, just a general limitation of ARA). Rendering the item FX to a new take gives you a hard backup of the melodyned item, but also preserves the open melodyne state on the original take. I'm guessing freeze would work fine too but I don't know - I don't tend to use freeze. I want to have the open melodyne edit there to tweak if needed, but with the rendered melodyned audio on a 'backup' take in case there is a corruption.

Melodyne does not scale correctly on a 4K display when used via ARA within Reaper. I've checked with other DAW's and this is exclusively a Reaper issue. This is a shame given all the other improvements they've been making for HiDPI displays.
Correct me if I'm wrong but turning off saving the relative path names will prevent you from ever moving your project right? Just want to be clear on this. Also what does it do if you turn it back on? Do you even have to re import all the audio for it to assign the relative path names to them?
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