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Originally Posted by juliansader View Post
Gosh, that isn't supposed to happen! Which versions of REAPER and macOS are you using? Could you please let me know what happens when you run other scripts that either create a GUI window (such as the LFO Tool or Radial Menu), or displays graphics inside the MIDI editor window (such as the MIDI Inspector, when docked in the editor).

Most of my scripts come with extensive instructions inside the script file, which can be read with the ReaPack browser's "About" function, or by opening the script in REAPER's built-in IDE. If anything in the instructions is unclear, please let me know so that I can improve it!

The Multi Tool works pretty much like the rest of the js_Mouse editing scripts, except for the colorful GUI and the ability to perform multiple steps. As Stevie advised, simply hover the mouse over a CC lane and execute the shortcut. Similar to the other scripts, the original mouse position determines whether all lanes or only the lane under the mouse will be edited, middle-click and mousewheel change curve shape, etc.
I simply cannot get it to work. Nothing will open. I assigned a shortcut, hovered over a CC lane. Nothing happens. Is there supposed to be a dialog box or something? I can't select anything like I've seen in the screenshots in the recent posts here. Jealous! lol

Am I missing something?
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