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Originally Posted by With an E View Post
Out of mere interest and curiosity, I wonder does DAW A interact with audio drivers and thus DACs differently to DAW B and might those subtle differences (in the interaction of app and driver) be rendered even less subtle by other components in the chain (DAC filters for example) that lead eventually to the air hitting our ears?

In short; are there differences BEYOND the null test?

There may have been discussion already which clears this up but I haven't seen it.
it's been discussed already. if you're using ASIO there is very little that can go wrong (or even be configured) apart from buffer size. the last time i used it, as an API there is like one function you call to do your audio IO. other APIs might be different though but you really should be using ASIO (on PC) anyway.

the only other ASIO variable is the sample rate and bit depth that the device is open at, and you can usually check that in the DAW. in reaper it's in the top-right hand corner of the screen.

if software is talking to a driver incorrectly, the results are usually catastrophic, not subtle.
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