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Originally Posted by With an E View Post
I would love to see the results of a test with an unmovable full spectrum mic on a stand in an anechoic room where the files are played all the way to the analogue domain (sound from speakers) again.
....or instead of doing that: you could build yourself some bass traps and actually make a serious difference to the quality of the sound bouncing around in your room, instead of worrying about whether the driver is truncating the 64th bit of your wave data.

seriously, have you bothered measuring your monitor/room response with a decent mic? go get roomeqwizard (it's free) and stop worrying about the DAW. we all have much bigger problems than the digital side of things.

(edit: if you are interested in wasting time doing that original test, get a sound card with a digital out and record that into a separate system with a digital in. you can do your null test like that, that's all post-driver on the source machine and it *should* cancel out providing there isn't a jitter problem on your digital i/o - spdif has known {minor} jitter problems under some situations, apparently. but i feel dirty just reading this thread now, it's that pointless)

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