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i tied the null test for myself and i can only say: the do not null.
i tried with fl vs cubase, same input, same vsts with exactly the same settings and the rendered files don't even sync! the timing algorythm is not accurate in different daws. and i can tell you, the outcome was total mud. no, i did not make any mistakes, i checked a hundred times.
did the same with cubase and reaper, there they did null.
then i made the test with energyXT vs cubase and again, they don't null, you can even hear that the rendered files of eXT and fl suck.
rendering is not just summing up, specifically if you have many tracks with lots of effects and panning.

i have a thread in the forum called "rendering problem with reaper". the rendered files miss some snare hits, some vocal parts and so on... how should such a file null?
also when i render a project with reaper two times consecutively (same settings again of coures) sometimes the file size differs. i checked that on 3 different pcs.

so, and why are there so many rendering options in reaper? from slow to fast over bouncing and so on... and you're telling me daws all sound the same? come on....

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