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I personally, keep an open mind and would be happy to hear either side of this debate proven.

It strikes me though that people defending the idea that there is no difference in daw sound quality sound just a little zealous sometimes; as if it was a religious belief.

Pardon my ignorance, but how do we know the null test cancels completely?

Is it that we hear nothing or see no activity on the meters? Or is the resulting file a completely flat line?

Does all the harmonic content of the phase inverted files cancel?

Does the resolution of our video and audio gear allow us to be certain?

I'm minded of the discussion regarding super harmonics and how they might or might not (in spite of their very small energy levels) influence sound in the audible spectrum. I know hard filtering in A to D converters chops the super harmonics. I wonder whether very subtle artifacts from the A to D conversion might produce very low level distortions which are further altered within the daw when any actions are performed (beyond simply flipping the phase)?

And of course, if the only thing we did was flip the phase there would be no point in a test would there, ha ha?

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