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Default Assiging an FX to a specific audio region!!

Hi guyz!

Was wondering, is there a way when you're in Reaper and lets say you have an audio track and you decide to split a specific REGION and you want to try to ADD but before trying to Audition some Fx on that specific region before Applying that specific Fx to that Region without having to copy that part into another track and then clik on FX window etc.. etc.. just like in Sonar or Cubendo, you can simply right clik and you can directly go and find the FX you're looking for or want to try on it and then AUDITIO it and then after apply it right away? Is there a way to this in Reaper because when i right click on the Region and i can not see any way to choose Fx to apply... thanx!!!

And if this is not do-able, i think this could be a very good request to have... Thanx
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