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Yeah I followed the first thread- that's what led me to try to install the latest ffmpeg version. I'm on windows 7 64 bit. I'm afraid I can't load my sessions that have vid tracks on them now since it crashes reaper. I tried reinstallIng latest version to no avail. Thought maybe I could try installIng an older version and then reinstall newest version. I accidentally double-Clicked the ffmpeg application- saw a brief flash of dos cmd line- don't know if that screwed something up? Does frmpeg look for folders in the reaper folder? I still have the unzipped latest version folder in there, but the files from the bin folder are outside the folder. It seems like I need a way to get reaper to re-find fffmpeg? Thanks on advance for any help. I'm kinda screwed if I don't get this running by tomorrow afternoon.
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