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Default Envelopes initialized to 0.5 when created through item copy/moves (FIXED)

In this bug report I frame this as a general problem, but further testing revealed this is an actual bug, not a design problem.

Prefs/Automation/Automaticall add envelopes... is on.
What is supposed to happen
The plugins-parameters value just BEFORE it was changed is used to initialize an envelope that the user changes in a writing mode(Latch,Latch-Preview,Touch,Write)

For example, if a toggle switch was on, likely a parameter value of 1, and in Latch-Preview the user switches to off, then the envelope will be initialized with a value of 1. That's the value the parameter had before the user changed it, then triggering the creation of the envelope by changing it.

What happens copying/moving items - The Bug
An item on a track with some fx envelopes is copied or moved to another track with the same insert fx, but not as many and/or the same fx envelopes.

On the target track Reaper creates new fx envelopes for all the missing ones from the source track that the item being copied or moved now brings to the target track.

These envelopes are initialized with a value of 0.5, regardless of what the plugin parameters are set to.

How to reproduce
  • Turn on Prefs/Automation/Automaticall add envelopes....
  • Place ReaComp in the FX chain.
  • Place an item on the track. An empty item will do.
  • Switch the track to Latch Preview
  • Toggle the parameter checkbox Preview Filter on ReaComp. An envelope should pop up.
  • Make a time selection across the item on the track and use the action Automation: Write current values for actively-writing envelopes to time selection. The current state of the Preview Filter checkbox is now written to the envelope across the length of the item.
  • Create a second track and place ReaComp in the FX Chain
  • Copy the item in the first track to the second track
  • Right-click on the Envelope button on the second track and choose FX Parameters/VST:ReaComp (Cockos)/PreviewF. An envelope will appear.
  • This envelope will have the value of 0.5 except the area where you copied the item to.
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