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Originally Posted by EpicSounds View Post
REAPER never reopens with the same view as when I quit the program. Often the video window is on top when it wasn't open previously.

What's the trick to always opening with just the arrange view?

Another problem is that the video window covers all other floating windows such as the preferences and render windows. IMO those two windows should be always on top whether pinned or not. Oh Render window can't be pinned.

Originally Posted by EpicSounds View Post
I've had trouble with this for years but it's been slowly chipping away at my sanity till I had to post something.

I've found that it doesn't remember window positions if you use screensets but does if you manually resize, open or close a window.

at least for me on OSX.

I always forget to do this because I use screensets so much.
My god this is STILL happening. WTF Reaper. Such a basic thing is so wacky.

Regardless of templates loading on startup, windows opened or closed, Epic is SPOT ON.

Loading Reaper always has all KINDS of wacky things. Like a media explorer window randomly docked on the far right of the GUI. LOL I've never docked that thing EVER. Why would Reaper do it now? Every time I start it up? LAME.

Windows and layouts are NEVER predictable on a fresh startup of Reaper. Don't matter if I choose load a template or just empty project. FAIL.

Dear Lord. When can this be fixed. Things like this really hold Reaper back from being a big player. I mean seriously. The gloves need to come off people.
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