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Just released Playtime 1.0.1. The installer should be less confusing now and the problem with the missing "msvcr120.dll" should be gone. Thanks @sinkmusic for reporting both issues!

BTW, it would be outstanding if you guys could report issues and propose new features here. Then it's easy for me to keep track of them and you can be notified about progress. If you register, you can even vote for feature proposals.

Thanks for trying it! I've not stumbled upon the track template issue yet. Do you mind sending me the contents of your "C:\Program Files\Playtime\InstallationLogFile.log"? Then I might be able to find the cause.

Congratulations, you were the first buyer I just created tickets for the MIDI clip and group renaming proposals. Would be very nice to keep the discussion regarding these proposals in the ticket system.

@G-Sun @Jed @nym @Alex Ortega @Xenakios
Many thanks!

I chose stowing away the non-playing clips to the beginning of the track so they are in one place and not distributed all over the timeline. That way, users can still access them and modify them without having to open Playtime.

I chose moving for triggering the clips because it can be done in realtime (didn't want to mess with the track state chunks, I think that might take too long).

Setting the non-playing clips offline vs. muting them might be an option I didn't look into it yet. Any idea how to achieve that using the API?

Not sure I understand what you mean by "Or to create a copy of the original project as a new tab". Can you elaborate? Maybe I'm missing some context information here

Playtime works on item level. If necessary, it stretches the item and thus all notes within the item (if it's a MIDI item). To be fair, REAPER does the actual stretching Playtime just tells REAPER to do so. What do you mean by "block"?
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