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I really appreciate your long-term enthusiasm about ReaPack mschnell. Thanks!

Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
1) ReaPack should be distributed and installed with a new installation of Reaper by default.

3) Very commonly used and "unreplaceable" stuff like SWS and MidiToReaControlPath should be (easily) available via ReaPack.
It's OK with me if the devs decide to do that. As for SWS and MIDIToReaControlPath to be available through ReaPack, it's up to their maintainers to make it so.

Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
2) ReaPack should always be available as the top entry in the "Extensions" menu.
Currently the order of that menu depends on the order in which the extensions are loaded. It's "gentleman-like", nobody fights for a better spot, so I like that.

REAPER loads ReaPack before SWS when they are both installed into the same UserPlugins folder.

I mean, I could force ReaPack's menu to be at the top even if SWS gets loaded first. But there is no guarantee that some other extension won't do the same thing afterward (put its menu above mine) and we'll be back to square one.

Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
4) VSTs should be manageable by ReaPack. I suppose such VSTs could be located in a folder in the Reaper Ressources which accordingly should automatically be added to the VST search path.
I can do that, in fact I already wrote the code when we discussed about this previously. But I can't beautifully change the VST search path to include the resource folder. I feel like that's a blocker.

Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
5) It should be (easily) possible to create "pure description ReaPacks" that provide descriptions for extensions that are either not managed by ReaPack or are in a format (e.g. VSTs) that don't allow for adding an internal description.

7) ReaPack should be usable to (easily) allow volunteers to provide description texts for the Reaper stock plugins (JSFX and VST).
I hear you, I haven't forgot about your FR. It won't happen in this v1.2 release. This is a big and complex change and I want it done properly or not at all. Perhaps in v1.3, but I don't promise!

Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
8) Reaper should (automatically and obviously in favor of new users) be provided with functions to "context sensitively" show the descriptions of the installed extension and plugins (maybe ReaScripts, Themes etc, as well, but I am a newbie regarding such). E.g. "F1" on a JSFX plugin installed in the Track's FX chain.
I already added API functions for this, so it can be done. In REAPER itself or in individual scripts. ("Show ReaPack about dialog for the focused JSFX.lua" uses that API)

Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
9) There should be a "recommended" repository managed by a group of volunteers, containing decently tested and description-providing extensions.
I think this should be the ReaTeam repositories. If you or anybody find broken or badly documented packages, you're welcome to send Bug Reports or, even better, Pull Requests to make it better!

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