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Default 4GB Raspberry Pi

A Linux media machine in my living room started smelling like something was on the verge of smoking, so I shut it down and confirmed the power supply was the source. I pulled the machine out and replaced it with my Raspberry Pi 3 B+ running Raspbian with xfce. The Pi has all the music, videos, pics, and live/recorded HDTV functionality the full computer had and pulls it off without breaking a sweat.

This left me needing a replacement Raspberry Pi for general experimenting, so I decided to go for the 4GB model 4 in a kit with solid aluminum heat sink case, power, and memory card.

Should get it by next week and I'll be seeing what if anything can 4GB do for me in REAPER. ReaSamploMatic is about the only thing I can think of that will run on ARM and load samples. This is the kit I bought.

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