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Originally Posted by BlessedOne72 View Post
Hi ...

Was Raspbian the only absolute distro, you settled down to, or were there any other (more DAW suitable) distros, that you tried or would prefer / recommend ?

Were there any tweakings to be made regarding the (Raspbian) "realtime" installation ?

I have a Pi 3B+ myself and I'd like to try REAPER with it ...
Possibly using my TASCAM US-16x08 to try to record 16 tracks at once .

- BOne -
I tried Mate and one other distro, I can't remember which, but they both seemed sluggish to me, so I went back to Raspbian. I don't really like the desktop in Raspbian though so I found a how to article and replaced it with xfce which to me feels faster than the native Raspbian desktop.

As for recording with the Pi, I did most of the tweaks from this article on setting up Pianoteq, but these are mostly to get lower latency.

I'm pretty confident that I could have recorded more than four tracks at once, it's just what my drums are setup for. If you aren't playing back anything and just wanting to record 16 tracks by themselves, you might be able to do that with no tweaks at all, but you will want whatever the fastest memory card you can get unless you are recording to an external USB drive or something. When I did my testing I was using a 64GB Samsung EVO SDHC card that was the same media I booted the Pi from.
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