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Default IPlug1, IPlug2. Problem with presets in VST3.

Hi all! Recently I was looking for a modern and good framework for creating VST plugins, I decided to try IPlug.
To start, I compiled examples that are included in the package. I was very glad that they compiled without problems in Visual Studio 2019 and then I was able to check the operation of plugins in different DAW.

However, he observed that creating several presets through this:
MakePreset("Test 1", ...);
MakePreset("Test 2", ...);

The presets created in this way appeared in the corresponding list of presets in DAW only in the VST2 version of the plugin. In VST3 version, the list was empty. Tried in different DAW (Reaper 5.984, FL Studio 20.0.5, Studio One 4 and others), in all cases the list of presets was not available in version VST3, in VST2 version everything is good.
How do I understand this? As a bug or a flaw in the framework, or did I forget to add something to the code for full functioning?

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