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That CPU is probably borderline acceptable for video editing when you're not using GPU for it at all (Reaper doesn't use GPU for video or any of its own functionality). And your chosen video resolution is pretty high.

That being said...

On my main computer running Xubuntu: with that one video file (with a file size of 188 MB) in a project by itself as a test, Reaper uses approximately 700 MB RAM with VLC (3.0.8) as the decoder and it plays smoothly with "video load" around 45% (max 200%). Using FFMPEG however (ffmpeg/libav DLL decoder v58.35.100), it uses about half that amount of RAM (around 350 MB) and it plays glitchy (video CPU spiking way too high, average 200% and max around 1000%) no matter what I try to help it (the settings Justin mentioned, plus "ignore audio", plus changing audio buffer size, setting frame rate to 25 fps to match the item's frame rate, etc.)

Considering my system has a Ryzen 7 3700X CPU, I'm a bit surprised at the performance of FFMPEG in this case.
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