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Originally Posted by Robert Randolph View Post
I think you've missed some playful humour here. The thread title is making fun of myself (particularly my takes system post).

The theme thing is referring to: "3. DO NOT LINK TO THIS WEB SITE OR ANYTHING ON IT FROM ANYWHERE"

There's a number of other bits in there of me making light of myself or similar. I mean c'mon... "Whiners - People like me influence the software far too easily." I thought clearly this would give away that I'm at least partially self-aware
Well, sarcasm doesn't translate so well on the internet

And re: the last point, I noticed that, but I don't know anything about you, so I wasn't sure if you were joking or just bat shit crazy and like to contradict yourself. :P The sarcasm was also a lot less evident when you mix it with some points that were legit complaints. Again.. internet.. sarcasm.. doesn't always translate so well!
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