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Originally Posted by Funkybot View Post
Geoff, yes, the files were visible in the dropdown.

Now that I removed the spaces from the file names and the folder name, stuff is now happening. Namely: transport controls work.

And yes, now I can get the no-op action to run. It did nothing before.

I can also see things like Fader and Rotary movements in the Learn window, but I haven't figured out how to actually get the faders to do anything yet. But this is definitely progress.

EDIT: I tried figuring out how to add Fader1 from the left to the Zone to control Channel 1 (things look off) and when I clicked Fader1 then Add to Zone, it crashed Reaper.
Great, glad you got going.

Ok folks, let's not use any spaces for now in the .mst/.ost/.zon files and folders.

I've posted this often, and will again here -- Learn Mode window is experimental -- folks wanted a sneak peek -- that's why it's hard to get to -- be careful.
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