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Originally Posted by todoublez View Post
sry for let u feeling that way..
no,I'm not trolling,
but I must confess I'm totally noob at digital hardware world.
This is the 1st time I'm building a Hackintosh.
I'm not a technology export so I must ask b4 I bought something wrong even it is obvious or stupid quetion. lol
No, I apologize.. I thought about it after that maybe you were just very inexperienced with hardware. Nothing wrong with that, and sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable asking questions. I just thought when you asked that maybe you were just messing around, just because you aimed pretty high and then asked if that would do. The answer is definitely a yes, for the majority of musicians out there. But again, it depends on what you do, and also might be a little overkill (but if you're OK with spending that much, maybe that isn't a concern).

But yeah, an i9 is on the high end of CPUs, so you won't be disappointed with that. Single-core or multi-core, that will perform very very well. My projects have never been so complicated as to need that much processing power, but that doesn't mean yours aren't. That CPU should last you a long time too. Upgrading hardware can be a bit of a rabbit hole though...

Because the i9-9900 is a different socket type / chipset than the E5, that means you'll need a new motherboard as well. Your RAM is also DDR3, so there's another upgrade required (RAM isn't too terribly priced though) - to DDR4, and a faster speed. At least you have an SSD drive, so not necessary to upgrade there, but if you had the money, you could consider an nVME SSD to complement that drive... that would be where I'd install the important stuff that needs quick access (OS, for starters, DAW, some VSTs depending on space available). This upgrade is already getting pricey as is though, so you may want to hold off on that. That's always something you can do down the road too, and this wouldn't be the top priority. One more thing, I believe this doesn't come with it's own cooler, so there's another thing to buy. Not sure what pairs best with that CPU though, as I've never had to research that.

When replacing a motherboard and CPU, I always prefer a fresh install of Windows as well. You can do it without it (not something I've done, but it can be done), but I personally think it's a good opportunity to start fresh.. so prepare for that possibility (which means, find your Windows CD/DVD/key). I'm not sure how it works with Mac OS though.

Hopefully this hasn't discouraged you at all from making an upgrade. There's more to it than it sounds, on the surface, but it'll be worth it in the long run. You will be well ahead of the game with that i9-9900KS.

You may also be able to recover a little cost parting out your older PC parts.
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