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Originally Posted by nait View Post
To be clear, in case you misunderstood, I was saying that some of the specs on my computer are better than what you have, but your motherboard and CPU are clearly both much better than what I have.

Anyways, a Z390 chipset based motherboard is the right choice. But note too that "Z390" describes the chipset. There are many different Z390 motherboards. Once you've narrowed down socket+chipset (as you have), which motherboard you choose tends to come down to things like: how much you want to spend, form factor (size to match your case size), and generally what components/features you need on it (i.e. expandability, max ram speed and such). Then you have unnecessary cosmetic differences (lighting and look, for example) and there may be overclocking differences (but I don't overclock).

I bought my motherboard quite a bit longer ago, so I have an older chipset (Z270, to be specific) and haven't really been bothered to look at any newer motherboards yet. Plus, my PC is for more than making audio, so I'd prefer to defer your motherboard selection to some other expert in that area. A Z390 chipset is the way to go though, just not sure which of the many Z390 boards you'd want. Some of the more finicky audiophiles here prefer boards that are very stripped down/basic compared to what I personally prefer.
thank u so much.
I was misunderstood.
I'm still improving my english skill.

I'm very appreciate yo info !
it really helps !
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