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Originally Posted by n0ne View Post
Hi WaveTrans,

Attached my zone and layout files for the platform Nano. Renamed a bunch of the widgets to make more sense for this controller and removed some of the faders/buttons that aren't on the controller. The buttons, fader+vu, masterfader (without vu) all work. Might help!

- For me the shift option (or any combination of buttons) doesn't seem to work.
- For some reason there seemed to be hanging of some state for the controller. For my current 'test' setup (attached) the name/db value displays weren't working. They started working again after I loaded the standard MCU zone file and left the send menu that was still activated. Then reloading my own 'test' setup back and the names worked again.
Thanks for the files, n0ne!

Both Work in general as they should.

But I must take a closer look, since the record button does not work.

Will also try to implement send and FXmenu.

Cheers, again.
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