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I've got a Steinberg CMC-QC, and outside of Cubase, it's just a tricky device to setup (probably Steinberg crippling features).

The CMC-QC shows up as 3 separate MIDI devices in Windows. The device called "Steinberg CMC-QC-1" transmits the knob values. "Steinberg CMC-QC-2" transmits button presses. No idea what "QC-3" does (probably something Cubendo specific - my guess is the device those DAWs use to communicate to the unit) - so I'm not even worried about that one. I'm just focusing on CMC-QC-1 and QC-2 for now.

So question: because they're totally different MIDI devices/ports, I'd have to setup two different devices in CSI for this right? Then combine them in CSI?

Might take another stab at this with the QC since it's only a few knobs and buttons.
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