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Originally Posted by n0ne View Post
@WaveTrans cool to see its working for you! I'm changeing a lot still, but some worhwile things for you to check might be adding

Select1 TrackUniqueSelect

To you channel zone. That solves the problem I had with the display not updating.

You can also control the sends with the fader if you want: On the Platform Nano I've mapped the <<8 an 8>> buttons to select the tracks, but in send mode (press send button) you can use the |< and >| buttons to go through the sends. Only annoying thing is that you have to go back to send 1 when you leave the send menu to get the volume fader back (|< and >| buttons actually change the fader on the hardware device to represent fader1 through 8. Only fader1 is used to control track volume). Also note that when I load/refresh the surface it starts in send mode, leave that first to control the tracks as expected.

I've attached what I'm currently working with. Added back faders 2 till 8 widgets because they're needed for the sends. Good luck!
Thanks for files and tips.
My current setup is quite different from yours, but also starts in active Send mode; no clue why. Apart from that sends work fine for the first channel. Tried Send switch through as you described, but couldnīt get it to work. attached are my current files. Tried the variation with different Send1, Send2, sendn+1 zones but that didnīt work properly either.

Unfortunately I donīt know anything about that track selection stuff, but I found out that if you include "Rotary| TrackSendPan" in the send zone, you get send-pan
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