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Originally Posted by WaveTrans View Post
TrackSendBank is TrackBank for Sends.

...a bit embarassing...and not hard to find, if you know, but the thread is very long indeed. Post #3226 explains it all; suggest to also put it into the MCU.zon stock file

playing around, one can reach the first send channel pressing assigned Send button, then switching through send channels with channelLeft/Right also works; switching back just works to send2. to get back to Send1, one has to leave Sends and enter sends again. Switching from Send2 to Send1 via TrackSenBank, switches to the next track instead of Send1 and track numbers are disarrayed after that; Reaper crashed frequently afterwards.
If it's not in the Action list in the doc -- I try to keep it up to date -- please don't use it, as you have discovered
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