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Originally Posted by WaveTrans View Post

Sends work only if ontrackselection MapSelectedTrackSendsToWidgets is in home zone and toggles reliably with Send ToggleMapSelectedTrackSends.
That's interesting. I may have been mistaken about the exact function of OnTrackSelection MapSelectedTrackSendsToWidgets. It was based on assumptions drawn from my system, which has a separate surface for FX and Sends. I probably need to do some testing with just a single MCU to get a better idea of what's going on.

Glad you got it working ok

EDIT: I was mistaken about the function of OnTrackSelection. I was confusing its function with the Auto Map Sends option in the prefs. The OnTrackSelection commands (MapSelectedTrackSendsToWidgets, MapSelectedTrackFXToMenu) need to be present for those Actions to operate, whether you choose to toggle them or have them map automatically. Sorry for the confusion.

I'll remove the incorrect info from my original post, if you could remove your quote of it that would be most appreciated

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